About us

There is an ecumenical male choirmore then 30 years



What is the ecumenical male choir? Who are we?

The Ecumenical Male Choir brings together people of Christian faith to study, nurture, and perform spiritual music and work to promote the unity of Christians through cultural dialogue of lay people and ecumenical spirituality. Although it was founded with the blessing of the Catholic Church, the Ecumenical Male Choir consists of members of various Christian confessions and nationalities. They enrich their traditions with each other, building together the identity of this ensemble with the motto: "Unity in diversity."

Harmonious singing that deepens and testifies to the fraternity among Christians. The Ecumenical Male Choir shows the performance of a rich repertoire of spiritual songs in Latin, Church Slavonic, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian and other languages. Under the auspices of the Belgrade Archbishop and Metropolitan, this ensemble performs at religious services, organizes concerts and public appearances.


History of the Ecumenical Male Choir

Founded in 1973 by the initiative of the cathedral parishioner and the dean of g. Herman Habić and a group of young Slovenians, the ensemble soon got the name Ekumenski male choir. Choir singing in Belgrade churches won the sympathy of listeners. His blessing and support was given by the then archbishop Dr. Gabriel Bukatko, and all of his successors were also sponsored by the choir. With the unique sound and repertoire of spiritual music that was not much performed at the time of communism, the ensemble attracted members of other nations, both eastern and western churches.

Already at the celebration of the tenth anniversary, the choir had a multicultural and genuine ecumenical character. Praising God's song, rich in many Eucharistic celebrations and other church rituals, the choir often performed. Over the years and over 50 times. In addition to Belgrade, choir performs in Niš, Kragujevac, Subotica and other places. At the first big tour in Ljubljana in 1979, in front of numerous Slovenian audiences he showed that he has a good setting and that he has high artistic quality. Ecumenical male choir was run by Franc Jamnik, Franc Ban, Jurij Devetak CM, Jože Kranjc and, of course, Zlatan Vaud, and among the members there were also a dozen priests. For those who are no longer with us, we give due gratitude to the annual traditional rhizome in the middle of the lace.


Vision and Ideas of Ecumenical Men's Choir

Our vision is a peaceful and stable region of the Balkans where peoples live together, and their traditions, languages and beliefs make a happy interweaving of colors on carpet. We see our mission in the field of culture and religion as significant. The ecumenical male choir has a culture of dialogue, cooperation and fraternal love in itself, and the diversity of cultures from which we come to invest in a joint creative process. We want to expand this energy among faithful nations through our concerts and other public appearances.

We are dedicated to the idea of cultural ecumenism, through which we build musical, as well as van-musical harmony. We will be delighted to receive the support and blessings of the Serbian Orthodox Church and all its pastors and archipelago, state institutions and individuals who can contribute to our noble cause, to the glory of God, the Church for the benefit, and to all of us for joy.