What is the
ecumenical male choir?

An ecumenical male choir gathers people of Christian faith to study, nurture, and perform spiritual music and work to promote Christian unity, through cultural dialogue of lay people and ecumenical spirituality.

Although it was founded with the blessing of the Catholic Church, the Ecumenical Male Choir consists of members of various Christian confessions and nationalities. They enrich their traditions with each other, building together the identity of this ensemble with the motto: "Unity in diversity."

Harmonious singing that deepens and testifies to the fraternity among Christians. The Ecumenical Male Choir shows the performance of a rich repertoire of spiritual songs in Latin, Church Slavonic, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian and other languages. Under the auspices of the Belgrade Archbishop and Metropolitan, this ensemble performs at religious services, organizes concerts and public appearances.

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What is

Ecumenism (greek. οικουμενη — the inhabited world) represents an endeavor to reconcile, co-operate, bring together and unite Christian churches..

While the interreligious dialogue applies to all religions, ecumenism is a dialectic effort within Christian churches. Unlike the unification (ie, the transition from the Orthodox Church to Catholic Church), ecumenism emphasizes the equal dialogue between Christian confessions, what is common to certain churches, and goes on to confirm the spiritual and moral mission of the Church of Christ.

The ecumenical male choir is now counted over 30 members
Ekumenski moški zbor

Ekumenski muški hor

An ecumenical male choir consists of singers from different nationalities and religions, Catholic and Orthodox

And so together they combine their traditions into a common harmony.

Visiting the Ecumenical Men's Choir in the Morning Program Studija B


The Body of Christ, Miodrag Govedarica
Little girl, Darko Kraljic, arrangement Bratislav Prokic, solo Miksa Jovanovic.

Singing: Ivan Debeljak mlađi, Čedomir Marjanović, Ivan Kruljac, Miloš Antić, Ivan Debeljak stariji, Bratislav Prokić, Dejan Stojilković, Srđan Tadić, Andrej Glavan i Mikša Jovanović


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